Functionally integrated training & therapy

FITT is a team of specialists in the field of training, therapy and nutrition. FITT's functional approach empowers and educates individuals to live a more active, balanced and revitalized lifestyle. Under the leadership and vision of Gerald J. Drefahl, FITT has grown into the premier health experience for people of various professions, ages and levels of health and fitness.

Our Mission

Empowering every person to reach their true physical potential by continually reassessing their goals and progress

Our Process

Building customized nutrition, training and therapy programs designed specifically for the new you

Your Benefit

Improve the way you move, look and feel by focusing on your challenges and goals so you can live the life you want


What sets us apart is our proprietary approach that evaluates, educates and implements a program that is personally designed to fit each individuals needs and level of health and fitness. 

Your Story

During our initial consultation, your previous and current injuries, complications, problems, experiences and achievements are all taken into consideration to better understand where you are and where you want to go with your health and body.

Your Body

Your body is just as unique as your story. Understanding this allows our team to set specific goals based on your unique objectives. Obtaining an accurate assessment of your body's strengths and limitations allows our staff to begin building your specialized plan.

Your Plan

By focusing on your unique challenges and goals we build a comprehensive nutrition, therapy and training program specifically for you. We find precise solutions that fit each individual's needs; thus providing a life where pain and frustration are a thing of the past.


At FITT, we seek professionals that have discovered a talent, developed an ambition, and recognized a passion for health and performance. Professionals who strive to empower their clients, are aspirational in their endeavors, devoted men and women that have integrity, are innovative, and have a professional code of ethics. Professionals who are continually proactive in their thinking, and someone we can rely on to push themselves, their clients, and this company to get better every day.