Jheri Corb

Director of Education

"My purpose in life is to empower those around me to conquer fears that create roadblocks for their overall health & wellness. The key is not accepting mediocrity and creating the absolute functional capacity for each individual regardless of injury, disease or illness."


  • B.S. in Exercise Science

  • M.S. in Exercise Science

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Certification in Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute)

  • Director of Client Strategies and Operations for Kinesics


After graduating from ULL in December 1999 with a BS in Exercise Science, Jheri completed her Internship at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. As the first Exercise Science Intern at the Academy, she helped to develop the Fit Falcon 2000 program and focused on training and VO2 testing. For the following 10 years, she stayed connected to the fitness industry by being a part-time personal trainer while pursuing her full-time career as a Recruiter in the Modeling & Acting and then Physician industry. In 2008, Jheri started her own company which allowed her to continue working as a part-time personal trainer, become Director of Henry Performance Lab in Lafayette, LA and compete in National physique competitions. In 2010, Jheri was able to pursue her passion further by becoming a full-time graduate student. In 2011, she graduated from Edith CowanUniversity in Perth, Australia with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Since that time, Jheri was able to work with Mackie Shilstone in New Orleans and is now the Fitness Coordinator at the Baton Rouge General.


Helping people has always been a lifelong dream and passion of Jheri’s. She has finally found an environment to offer the most to her clients from the conditioning and nutritional aspect.