Russel Washer | Architect

I can do more in my 60s than I could in my 30s. Jerry and his team’s knowledge allows you to realize your fullest physical potential.

Janet Olson | Business Executive

My left arm was injured in a wreck and I went through rehabilitation; but something still felt off. Then I learned about FITT and through their programs I was able to improve, and ultimately fix all the pain and problems — getting me back on track.

Anne James | Salon Owner

I don’t have to be a super model…I want to be comfortable, flexible, and be able to move. I want to do all of that and be healthy. FITT instills that in me and what they want is for me to feel good every day and not have any pain.

Jacques R Waguespack | Attorney

My experience with FITT has been unbelievable and life altering. I have more energy, I sleep better and I have no back pain. I now want more intensity in my work out because of how much energy I have.

Kathy Shirley | Mother and Homemaker

It doesn’t matter what I have gone through in my life. I always know FITT is there for me and will help me through my physical problems and challenges and even do whatever it takes to find the right solution.