Brittney Lorio

Sales Coordinator

My philosophy in life, is to always try to be a positive part of someone's day. I try to incorporate this in my personal and professional life daily.  Uplifting a person's day even by the smallest of gestures, is the change we need in this world and the change I strive to provide.


  • M-100 CAM Certification (Association Management)

  • Public Speaking Certification (Dale Carnegie)

  • Grace Hill Certification (Apartment Management)


Brittney has 30 years of dance experience with over 10 years of teaching/choreography experience. Highly involved in competitive sports and dance, she went on to become a part of the prestigious group, Saintsations, for the New Orleans Saints (NFL-2005). Shortly after her time with the NFL Organization, she also joined the dance/cheer team, Honeybees, for the New Orleans Hornets (NBA-2007). Throughout her dancing career, Brittney has also been a part of the pageant industry for 18 years as a contestant, title holder, Emcee, Judge and was former Ms. Louisiana United States 2015. Brittney is also a competitive dance & pageant Coach, specializing in fitness, interview/public speaking & modeling. Brittney supports several different organizations and charities and is highly involved in the Baton Rouge running community. Throughout her professional life, Brittney has worked in the Apartment/Association Management Industry for the past 8 years. She was introduced to FITT after experiencing a bucket-handle medial meniscus tear and contributes her recovery success to the great staff at FITT. She is extremely excited to be a part of the FITT family!


Being a positive part of someone’s day is Brittney’s ultimate goal. She utilizes this attitude daily and only hopes that she can leave that impression on everyone that she encounters.  She is thrilled to be a part of an environment where she can now exercise her passion of health and fitness and for helping others.