As we enter into the busiest part of the running season, most runners tend to discover injuries and/or areas of pain that might prevent them from achieving their full potential throughout their races. As several might try a quick fix to overcome their battles and press-on towards achieving their best PR (Personal Record), many will find that quick fixes only increase the likelihood of an injury or worsen a pre-existing one. Some runners may begin to amplify their strengthening and conditioning program in a direction that may not be best for their body’s specific needs.

Here at FITT, our experienced and Kinesics qualified staff, perform customized evaluations utilizing Kinesics’ evaluation software. When you get evaluated, you are provided with a detailed report of your body’s mechanics, uncovering any hidden sources of functional and performance limitations. Keep reading to learn the Top 6 ways a Kinesics evaluation at FITT could benefit you!

6 ways FITT’s Evaluation—Providing 6 Ways for Runners to Improve Performance:

1. Know your full racing potential by understanding your body’s posture & alignment in order to achieve full symmetry and full function.

2. Improve running form with an evaluation by measuring crucial aspects to good form— mobility of the hips and ankles.

3. Increase running speed by focusing on a KEY component— flexibility and mobility. An evaluation can show the precise areas of the body that are weak and/or tight and need stretching, as well as areas that do not need to be stretched.

4. Obtain a fully customized stretching and mobilization program, designed specifically for each individual to address that body’s asymmetries and imbalances.

5. Attain proper thoracic rotation, which is important for a runner because it’s your spine that drives and propels you forward. We analyze this during an evaluation and provide feedback to help an individual achieve proper rotation.

6. Avoid developing compensations over time, that lead to possible injuries and can put a cap on your performance potential. Through an evaluation, we are able to discover compensation patterns and provide you with a performance plan to minimize injuries and increase performance.

Let us show you the blueprint of your body at FITT and start reaching your maximum performance potential!

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