As we all know the holidays are filled with an abundance of family, friends, and food— indulgent food to be more specific. While we love enjoying this time and the food that comes with it, our bodies may not. Many people experience digestive issues and feel fatigued after the holidays because of the food that they ate during celebrations. If you're experiencing some holiday side effects, try incorporating these 5 healthy eating habits into your daily routine to help your body recover from holiday food fatigue faster.

1) Eating regularly: Filing your body every two to three hours is the trick to building your metabolism. When you consistently eat your body will continuously use that nutrition as energy. Eating regularly keeps your blood sugar regulated and you will experience less energy crashes and cravings during long days.

2) Eat holiday leftovers: Try putting a spin on your holiday leftovers by making a ham or turkey omelet, load it with your favorite vegetables for a complete meal. Packing your daily snacks and lunches with nutritious versions of holiday leftovers can help you break the indulgent holiday food cycle. When packing your meals and snacks just focus on protein, fat, and fiber to make your meal complete.

3) Drink more water: This cannot be stressed enough. Water is the most abundant source of liquid for your body. Water is great for increasing your metabolism, regulating your body’s temperature, and eliminating toxins out of your body. Look at drinking water as your body’s natural detox. Any artificial sweeteners are not recommended to be added in with your water. Plain and simple H2O is your best bet.

4) Cut back on carbs, but don’t cut them out: Choosing non-inflammatory carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, wild rice, and fruit will nourish your body with minerals and vitamins. Try sticking to a fist full size of these delicious carb choices to get back on track. If you are an endurance athlete you will more than likely need more carbohydrates than the average person, see a licensed dietitian for your specialized needs.

5) Aim for daily exercise: Adults ages 18-64 should aim for 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week to reduce your risk for chronic diseases. If being active is not your hobby, look into getting a friend or hire a personal trainer to keep you motivated for those tough days. 

Follow these 5 simple eating habits and you'll start feeling rejuvenated and back to your pre-holiday feast self in no time!

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